We are sorry to inform you that we had to close our studio due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be no more yoga classes in the studio as of now. We will continue to offer holistic treatments such as Shiatsu, body and breath therapy LIKA and Ayurvedic treatments at our clients’ homes. Please contact us if interested.

LabYoga is a cozy yoga studio on the right shore of the beautiful Lake Zurich in the district of Meilen.

We teach a functional style of Yoga. Every student should practice Yoga in a way that there is a personal benefit. That for, we lead our students to explore themselves to find their unique and most effective pose. Every student should explore and use his actually possible range of motion. And should also learn to know the personal limits in this very moment and accept it. Our Yoga is for every body as well as for everybody.

We are in a former chemical laboratory. As LabYoga says, we are a laboratory for Yoga. We encourage to research the path to an own Yoga. The student is actually the researcher. His fields of researches are his own body, mind and soul. The goal of the laboratory work is a better knowledge of oneself, if possible, an extension of the range of movement and that body, mind and soul grow to a strong healthy mixture.

We offer the following style of Yoga: Yin Yoga, Somatic Yin, Brahmani Yoga, Mens Business Yoga and Inside Flow.

About us

Monica Schmidiger

I was born 1959 in Lucerne. After school I studied to be a nurse. Liking to learn, I continued to learn all about to work in the Intensive Care Station of a hospital. Today, I still work occasionally in a hospital Intensive Care Station or in the Emergency Station.

2011 I completed my degree as a Breath- and Body Therapist LIKA. Since then, I do every year some more education or advanced trainings in holistic work (Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage).

Yoga goes along with me since 20 years. 2013 I did my first 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, Yoga Teacher Trainings counted up to 1800 hours. I am interested in different styles and learnt to teach Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Brahmani- and Inside Flow Yoga.

Ernst Zwicky Schmidiger

Born in 1956, I grew up in a narrow mountain valley called Glarnerland. My first profession was draftsman in mechanical constructions. Later I studied to be an IT consultant. And today, I am a Yoga Teacher and an Ayurveda Practitioner

2012, I first studied in India all the manual treatments for Ayurveda Pancha Karma cures. Back in Switzerland I got a traineeship with Hans H. Rhyner and could learn much more about Ayurveda treatments. I still work from time to time as a therapist during Ayurveda cures. Since 2018, I join courses to learn Thai Yoga Massage.

My first contact to Yoga was 16 years ago. Practicing was going on and off. Then 2016, I did my first 250 hours Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, I join more and different Yoga Teacher Trainings every year. Until now, I had more then 1100 hours of Teacher Trainings (Yin Yoga, Brahmani Yoga, AnahataYoga and Inside Flow Yoga).

We both are certified with Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance UK.

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Yoga offer

LabYoga Style

Yin Yoga

Long held poses usually close to the earth can go deep into the body and change old pattern. The main difference to Yan Yoga is, that poses are done with relaxed muscles instead of strained ones.

Somatic Yin Yoga

Like Yin Yoga. The somatic approach tries to prevent isolated movements. It is moving exploration between the poses and creates space for transformation.

Brahmani Yoga

Brahmani Yoga is from Julie Martin. A quote from Julie Martin explains everything: ‘The praxis is not the asana, the praxis is the awareness’. The praxis changes from a form based practicing to a sensation based practicing.

Men’s business Yoga

Men’s business Yoga is not a style. It is a kind of a protected Yoga space. We men feel free to move immovable. In a dynamic way we explore our own range of motion.

Inside Flow Yoga

Modern and loud music can distract a lot. Or it can bring you close to yourself when your movements, breathing and awareness get totally involved with the music. Choreographed flowing through Yoga asana and music.


  • 60 Minute Class
  • 75 Minute Class
  • 90 Minute Class
  • CHF 27.–
  • CHF 31.–
  • CHF 35.–

You obtain a quantity discount and get every tenth Class for free.

Easy to pay by using EC- and common Credit Cards, Contactless Payment is possible as well as Revolut- and TWINT-transfer.

(To keep things easy, we don’t use subscriptions)

One to One

We offer private classes and one to one sessions.

Private class

You book one of our teachers and the room and enjoy your Yoga Class specially for you.

Prices are

60 minutes CHF 130.– up to 4 persons
90 minutes CHF 150.– up to 4 persons

Holistic Treatments

We offer also Holistic Treatments like Shiatsu, Body- and Breath Therapy LIKA and Ayurvedic Treatments.


You can also buy our mats and blocs and bolsters. Please ask one of our Yoga Teachers.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.


Seestrasse 102
8707 Uetikon am See

By train

From the Uetikon station, it is about a 5 minutes walk to the studio. Leave the station in the direction to Zürich, follow the road underbridge to the lake, then follow to the right the ‘Seestrasse’ road and watch for the sign ‘Seezugang’.

By car

There is a parking area with costs just 2 walking minutes away from the studio. More you can find around the train station. Further away, you can find in both directions white parking lots along the ‘Seestrasse’. To find our entrance just follow the sign ‘Seezugang’.


Monica Schmidiger
Ernst Zwicky Schmidiger
Seestrasse 102
8707 Uetikon am See
info (at) labyoga.ch
+41 76 453 18 87

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